The Chanukeyahs

What We Are:
a pop-rock group of musicians who write, record, and produce Chanukah singles each year.

Our Music:
Light My Flame Is Here!

All proceeds will be donated to Adat Chaim Messianic Synagogue. Buy now for $1.50 or name-your-donation.

A Chanukah Adventure - 2011

The Best Time of the Year - 2010
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Who We Are:

Elana Kellerhouse - piano, vocals, songwriting

Jerusha Kellerhouse - violin

Jonina Kellerhouse - vocals, cello

Judah Kellerhouse - drums

Ruthanna Kellerhouse - saxophone, vocals

Noach Lundgren - audio, bass, vocals, songwriting

Silvie Lundgren - vocals, violin

Goldie Gayne - vocals

Jacob Hefele - vocals